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Purpose of this ManualThis manual is a learning and reference guide for the 1746-NI16 Analog Input Module. It contains the information you need to install, wire, and configure the module. It also provides diagnostic and troubleshooting information and application examples. Publication 1746-UM001A-US-P Preface2 Contents of this Manual

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1746-OX8 The 1746-OX8 is a digital contact output module that contains 8 individually isolated high-current relay contact outputs. Operating voltage for 1746OX8 is 5125V DC or 5265V

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1746-IN008 Information on reducing electrical noise. System Design for Control of Electrical Noise GMC-RM001 In-depth information on grounding and wiring Allen-Bradley® programmable controllers. Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller Grounding and Wiring Guidelines 1770-4.1 A description of important differences between solid-state

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Slot 1 A B D C Max 2 mm2 (14 AWG) Max 2 wires per terminal Max torque: 0.9 Nm (8 lb-in.) 1. Disconnect power. 2. Align the circuit board of module with the chassis card guide. (A) 3. Slide the module into the chassis until the bottom tabs lock into place. (B) 4. Route the wires down and away from the module, securing them with the wire tie. (C) 5.

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General Technology Knowledge

1746-OB16E, 1746-OB6EI, and 1746-OB32E modules

1746-OX8, 1746-OBP8, 1746-OAP12, 1746-IO12 are equipped with color-coded Refer to the SLC 500 Modular Hardware Style User Manual, publication 1747-UM011 

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The wiring diagrams in these installation instructions are examples only. It is not necessary to connect an I/O device to each and every I/O module terminal.

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1746-OX8 how to wire datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in Abstract: 1746-Ni8 1746-P2 1746-NO8I manual 1746-NO8I wiring manual 

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wiring diagram 1746 ib16 ow16 allen bradley ox8 dc 24v input module 1756 If6i Wiring Diagram - Wiring Schema wiringschema101.blogspot.com 1756 wiring diagram bradley allen card hsc plc diagrams ns 1756-if16 Single-ended Current Wiring Example usvet.net

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See the High-Speed Counter Module User Manual, publication 1746-6.5 for a description of these modifications. 1. Refer to your encoder manual for proper 

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Publication 1746-IN027C-EN-P - August Installation Instructions 1746-OW4, 1746-OW8, 1746-OW16, 1746-OX8 Combination Input/Output Module Catalog Numbers: 1746-IO4, 1746-IO8, 1746-IO12, 1746-IO12DC Topic Page Important User Information 3 Overview 4 Wiring Diagrams 18 Labeling for SLC/PLC Systems 18 Input Modules - ac 19 Input Modules

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AB 1746-OX8 Wiring Explanation LIVE PLC Questions And Answers. See wiring diagram attached. Thanks,. Attached Images