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Thermomax is started with a powerful vision and bringing in an innovation and new added technologies in Solar Water Heater like Domestic and Commercial Solar Industry. There by utilize more Hot water to passing on same good things to the customer. Thermomax backed by professional teams who have rich experience of more than two decades in Solar Water heating

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hot water achieved using 34.3ft2 / 3m2 solar collectors, Thermomax vacuum tube collectors. temperatures of Thermomax evacuated tube collectors.

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Rapid conductivity and transfer of energy into heat; more effective than flat plate collector. Kingspan Thermomax Solar Systems. Thermomax Evacuated Tubes

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Thermomax DF400 Evacuated Tube Collector Kingspan Solar FPW18/FPW21/FPW25 Flat Plate Collectors Each system is comprised of a solar thermal collector, a cylinder, pump station, control panel, The Thermomax Direct Flow (DF) Evacuated Tube Solar Collector consists of an insulated manifold and a row of evacuated solar tubes incorporating

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We specialise in all forms of renewable energies. Solar panels, heat pumps, biomass boilers & underfloor heating.

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Thermomax is the original and still the best vacuum tube collector in the world. This premium product performs more efficiently than flat plate collectors 

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Thermomax HP400 Evacuated Tube Collectors. HP400 is a highly efficient Heat Pipe collector, HP400 is a 'Dry System' recommended especially for domestic use. The dry connection

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Evacuated tube solar collectors operate in a different way from the collectors presented so far. These usually consist of a heat pipe inside a vacuum-sealed glass tube. As the area of one tube is small, to increase the heat collection area a number of tubes are connected to one manifold although just one tube is shown in Fig. 8.Depending on the collector size 10–20 tubes are used.

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Thermomax Solar is an ‘evacuated tube patented technology’ that provides the highest renewable energy efficiencies in its class. They generate little or no heat loss and evacuated tubes have superior benefits over flat solar plate panels but installation costs are slightly higher. Thermomax tube out performs solar flat panels in cloudy or

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After over 25 years of manufacturing and development, Thermomax evacuated tube collectors are firmly established as a world leader in solar 

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The superior vacuum inside Thermomax DF tubes protects the system from outside influences such as cold weather or high humidity. The unique ‘plug and play’ design of Thermomax solar collectors makes installation quick and easy. DF400 light slimline manifold is aesthetically pleasing and also supports efficient installation.

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manufacturing and development,. Thermomax evacuated tube collectors are firmly established as a world leader in solar thermal products. Easy Installation.

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With over 25 years of experience, the Thermomax brand is firmly established as a world leader in solar thermal products. Thermomax collectors are a premiun product in the market and perform more efficienctly than flat plate collectors.The collectors are specifically designed for a Northern European climate, providing heat not only in warm, sunny days, but also in cooler, windy or

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Looking for a Kingspan Solar Evacuated Tube TMAX-HP-3SQM PACK? Order from Wolseley today - free delivery or click and collect available nationwide.

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In addition to domestic hot water, the superior performance of a Thermomax evacuated tube collector can also provide central heating support specialized